Having been vegetarian and now vegan for many years, I found it frustrating that there were few eateries to enjoy a meat-free meal. The answer was to do it myself!


So, with a vision to create a small, friendly and relaxing cafe, I found suitable premises. With a little tweaking and lots of hard work, the space was transformed into The Green Kitchen. I hope we can provide St. Albans with a great place to come to.

Our ethos is not only to offer great plant based food, but to live and work as 'green' as possible. Whilst preparing the cafe, materials and equipment have been sourced as locally as possible...


We used builders based 100 metres away,

Furniture from the Emmaus charity in St Albans,

Wood from the St Albans wood recycling scheme,

Independent traders used when possible.

Car boot sales and charity shops -

a great way of buying 'pre-loved' items.



The menu is based on food that we, as a family, enjoy.

I love cooking and baking, and eating! Especially with and amongst like-minded friends, so with this ethos in mind we came up with The Green Kitchen. Along with a love of the planet and trying to live as environmentally-friendly as possible, we have made a cafe that will encompass all these elements. We hope to meet you soon.

choc chip

                                  OTHER PLANET-FRIENDLY MEASURES...


Loads of bricks were given away on Freecycle.

We use energy saving appliances.

We've chosen natural materials where practical.

Environmentally-friendly paint for the walls.

Electricity is supplied by Ecotricity, a renewable energy supplier.

Waste  recycling is important and a recycling bin system  is set up to facilitate this.


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